Roxane Moreau®

Roxane Moreau was born in 1994 in Reunion Island. She began her career in the fashion and luxury industry in Paris, where she worked for prominent photographers for several years. The year 2022 marked a decisive turning point in her artistic journey when she moved to New York to join the International Center of Photography, from which she graduated from the Creative Practices program the following year.

Through her series "I am Still Afraid of the Dark" made in Reunion Island, Roxane explores themes such as identity construction when coming from an island territory, the repercussions of this unique context, and the relationship between humans and Nature.

She is interested in both humans and landscapes, with a gentle and unique approach, placing great importance on the pastel colors she achieves in the darkroom. Her process is slow and thoughtful; she takes the time to get to know her subjects before photographing them. Her long-term purpose is to introduce her native island and its culture to a wider audience, adopting a Fine Art approach rather than purely documentary.

In April 2024, she held her first solo exhibition, "I am Still Afraid of the Dark" at the Picto New York gallery with the support of Julien Alamo. Currently, one of her works has been selected by the Palm* Studio collective for a group exhibition in Amsterdam at the Melkweg gallery (visible until June 30, 2024).

Sony, Warner, Olympia Prod, Universal, Sisley, Uber Eats, The Industry NYC
Vogue Italy, ELLE, Fisheye Magazine, Madame Figaro, Glamour, JRNL 20

  • “Echoes of Uprooting” at Galerie 33, Saint-Denis, Reunion Island, October 2024
  • Palm Studio Prize - Group show, 24th of May - 30th June at Melkwegexpo, Amsterdam
  • “I am Still Afraid of the Dark” at Picto New York, April 2024
  • “Lifelines”, The International Center of Photography, May 2023